All things are theology. Everything I think and believe, everything that guides me and directs me, every action and reaction is based on my theology. The reason for this is that theology is the foundation upon which all thoughts are created.

Every person has a perspective on the world, a worldview, which shapes how the world in interpreted. A worldview consists of deeply held beliefs about the world that determine the conclusions we reach and the actions we take. For example, if I believe that life is good, then I will see the world as if life is good and I will behave as if life is good. We all hold hundreds of deeply held beliefs that create our worldview, many of which we never even think about or don’t even understand. Worldview includes politics, philosophy, economics, sociology, etc.

I contend that our worldview is built upon the foundation of our theology. That is, all the core beliefs that govern our lives are rooted in what we believe about God. The reason I suggest this is because our beliefs about God determines the big picture of the universe in general, which determines all my other beliefs. This is why the theory of evolution is so important to atheists and agnostics; it creates a big picture of the universe without the need for God and impacts all the rest of their core beliefs.

Think of this like a giant skyscraper. The façade of the building represents our daily thoughts and behaviors. This is what people see when they look at us. The façade hangs from the steel frame, which represents our worldview. These are our core beliefs which drive the thoughts and beliefs. The steel frame is built upon the foundation, which represents our theology. This is the big picture upon which our core beliefs rest.

A couple of thoughts about this.

It is important that my theology be formulated by scripture. Sometimes my worldview will attempt to become the foundation itself by dictating my theology. This will lead to trouble. I can’t allow my politics, my philosophy, my economics, or my sociology to dictate my theology. God formulates my theology; I construct everything else based upon what God has said.

My life reveals my theology. If I want to know what my theology is, I need only examine how I live my life. Where the two are congruent my theology is from God. Where the two are incongruent my theology is not from God. My goal is for my life to resemble what I see in scripture.

Every aspect of my life has theological implications. Where I work is theological. The food I eat is theological. The clothes I wear are theological. Parenting is theological. Entertainment is theological. Shopping is theological. Friendships are theological. It is important that I live my life conscious of the truth that all things are theological.