Tonight, for the first time in my life, I have faced evil directly in spiritual warfare for someone’s very life.

Tonight I have witnessed demon possession with my own eyes.

Tonight I have seen the power of Jesus overcome the forces of evil within moments of being called upon.

Life has changed for me, and I will never be the same.

Just moments ago I stood face to face with evil. I saw The Liar attempt to take someone’s life. I heard his voice come through the lips of a human being uttering words that made no sense. I gazed into the eyes of someone who was clearly following the orders of an outside force. The person said they heard his voice tell them it was time to kill themselves. Sitting on the floor with knife in hand this person continued uttering the words, “He said it was OK. He said it was time to go. He said it wouldn’t hurt.”

You must know this is real, my friends. There is a liar who seeks to destroy. He lies and manipulates with the goal of your very destruction. This isn’t churchy talk or philosophy. This is a real battle happening in our lives right now and these forces are very influential.

The Spirit of God told me to pray. So I prayed.

The Spirit of God told me to pray out loud. So I prayed out loud.

The Spirit of God told me to rebuke the demon in the name of Jesus. So there I was, for the first time in my life, standing over someone, praying aloud and rebuking the evil spirit in the name of the Lord. I called upon the name of Jesus. I quoted scripture out loud into the darkness. And the person began shaking violently. With the knife gone the person tried to cut them self with their own fingers. So I prayed more boldly. I spoke truth into the chaos of lies. I told that demon that he had no power, that Christ was the almighty, that Jesus was the master of this house and this person, and that he must go now. The person tried harder to cut them self and continued uttering words of violence.

I moved closer to the person. I put my hand on their head. I hushed their spirit. And I continued to call upon the name of Jesus until the shaking stopped; until the muttering stopped. Then I began to sing. I sang songs of grace. I sang songs of forgiveness and faith. I sang the ancient words that have been sung for centuries. Until the person drifted off to sleep in the peace of Christ.

I have engaged in spiritual warfare and I have seen the power of Jesus overcome. For those of you who know me I will remind you that I am not one to over react. I speak the truth of what I experienced this night. It is time to wake up!