“We all have wounds in dark places in our souls that need to heal so we can be who God wants us to be.”
Shelly Boggs, February 16, 2011.

Three weeks ago today I took my wife to a ranch that is home to a ministry that focuses on the health and well-being of church leaders. Since that time she has been absorbed with healing from the pain of childhood sexual abuse. She has been in counseling every day with a licensed professional counselor. She has spent most of her days in solitude walking the fifty acres talking with God—and listening. She has read a lot of scripture as well as a few other helpful books. And she has been seeking the truth: the truth about the events of her childhood; the truth about the things she believes; the truth about herself.

She is healing at an amazingly rapid pace. She was in such a dark place before she left that when we arrived the counselor suggested we plan on her staying six months. That’s a long time to be without your best friend. But God is good and it is just remarkable what can happen when we set our minds about the task of seeking God’s heart. She is truly pursuing communion with God and he has wrapped her in his arms like only he can and shown her things that we can only face while in the arms of the Father who loves us so.

In communion with the Father my Shelly is healing. Healing from the lies that misshaped her life. Healing from the wounds that fester openly in her soul. Healing from the pain that thrust even the best intentioned to self-medication. Healing from the fear that stunted her growth. Healing from the depression that locked her in its dungeon. Healing from the anxiety that stole her breath and suffocated her spirit. Healing from the darkness that clouded her vision.

God has a plan for Shelly’s life which she has not fully realized. God has been fighting for her against forces that desire to sift her. God has a defined Shelly despite what others have said or done. God has salve for those wounds that leave no scar. God has a vision of Shelly that is not who she is today; that is not who she has been; but is surely who she can be. God is at work in Shelly and when God is working, my friends, miracles happen.

“We all have wounds in dark places in our souls that need to heal so we can be who God wants us to be.”