Life is full of disappointments.

Things I thought were sure, aren’t.

People I thought I could count on, I couldn’t.

Achievements I thought I’d reach, I didn’t.

Weight I thought I’d loose, I haven’t.

The way things should go, didn’t.

The person I thought I’d be, I’m not.


There are lots of shoulds in life.

People should be nicer.

Children should be respectful.

Spouses should be loving.

Bosses should be helpful.

God should be visible.

Plenty of shoulds that end up shants.


There are lots of couldas in life.

I coulda been successful.

I coulda gotten a degree.

I coulda gotten that promotion.

I coulda had better children.

I coulda reacted differently.

So many couldas and wouldas in life.


Following Jesus can be disappointing.

Bad things happen.

Life is hard.

People mess up.

The Liar continues to destroy.

I don’t measure up.

Even when I do it right, I still get hurt.


Today I am disappointed with life. Today I am left wanting more. Today is one of those days when life doesn’t measure up to my expectations. Today my cup is half empty. Today I stand in the rubble utterly and thoroughly disappointed in life. Disappointed in people. Disappointed in God.

And in my disappointment Jesus asks me, “You do not want to leave me too, do you?” What kind of question is that? Of course I want to leave you! Of course I am unsure of what you’re doing! Of course I have my doubts! Of course I’m tired of trying things your way! Of course I’m afraid of the future! I have been disappointed too many times. Everyone disappoints me. Even me. Even you!

But then what? What else is there? What other options do I have? To whom shall I turn? Where will I avoid disappointment?

In this life there are many disappointments.

How do I answer your question?

I will answer with Peter.

To whom shall I go?

You have the words of eternal life.

I believe and know that you are the Holy One of God.

I will trust you even in my