This was written by a friend of mine named Chuck Griffin. I thought it was very good and he gave me permission to publish it here. It will help you to know that Julie is his wife and Madelyn, Megan, and Mitchel are his children. Enjoy!!

For two days last week I was in the worst mood—absolutely PLAGUED with frustration. Everything I did—everyone I talked to—elicited frustration in and from me.

At the end of the second day I took the family to dinner. The drive to the restaurant was one frustrating disagreement and argument after another. Madelyn and Megan arguing; Madelyn and Julie; Megan and Julie; Julie and myself; myself and Madelyn. So we finally got to the restaurant and I asked Julie to wait a minute before we went in.

I asked my oldest daughter how she was feeling. She looked at me and said (with a glare on her face), “FRUSTRATED!”

“Me to!” I said.

A quick poll revealed it was pretty much unanimous—even Mitchel seemed frustrated. Granted it was right before dinner, but this had hung over me and my house for two days now. So we stayed in the car and I prayed. I bound the spirit of frustration, brought my family under my protection as I came under the protection of Christ, then we went into the restaurant. Things were a little better even before we got out of the car—but there was still some lingering, residual frustration left.

What I heard/thought in the moment after praying was, “Great job for engaging, HOWEVER, be prepared for the psychological and emotional effects to linger—especially with your children. You’ve spent two days being frustrated and taking it out on them. Their feelings of frustration aren’t going to vanish as quickly as the spirit did.”

I’ve been given authority to bind and cast demons but I have not been given the authority to bind and cast out feelings that others have. So even after the initial, successful engagement—even after the foul spirit was bound and cast—there were still wounds and feelings that had to be dealt with. This is important to understand so I can know how and where to direct my efforts—and to not grow discouraged. In the minutes following the engagement the enemy was still there whispering, “See, this stuff doesn’t work. You and your family are still frustrated.”

Another important thing: I personally invited the spirit of frustration in by looking at some things online that I shouldn’t have been looking at. This is something that hasn’t tempted me for years, and then as soon as I begin to reconnect there I was. Doing battle with the spirit of lust was nothing new—I recognized it fairly quickly and engaged. What was new, at least for me, was the spirit of lust opening the door for the spirit of frustration…