Why don’t you call when you are hurting? Why do you hide it and try to handle it yourself? Why do you distance yourself from the ones who love you when you need them the most? Are you afraid of being loved? Are you afraid of needing someone? Are you afraid that you aren’t self-sufficient? Are you afraid that other’s selfishness means that you are somehow less valuable or rejected as a person? So what if everybody doesn’t stop their life because you’re in pain? So what if some people still have life to live? How does that make you less valuable or less important? Don’t people who love you deserve to suffer with you? Don’t people who love you desire to struggle with you? Isn’t that what love is all about? Isn’t that what relationships are all about? What is the point of relationship if not for moments such as these? Don’t you know how much I desire to share your life with you? Don’t you know that your refusal to let me suffer with you is an insult? Don’t you know that it is a privilege to suffer and cry and struggle alongside you? How can I be happy when you are not? How can I be normal when you are not? How can I laugh when you cry? What stops you from asking for help? Why is it so difficult for you to reach out? Why don’t you let me in to the dark places too? Why don’t you call when you’re hurting?