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The raising of my son is nearly complete. In a few short months he will be leaving my house. It is likely that he will not return to stay. I’m going to encourage him to take internships every summer so I suspect he will only return for the holidays. My family will never be the same.

I’m not afraid of the next phase. It will be a glorious phase of life. And my transition will be slow since my youngest is five years behind him. I certainly have a long time before my house is empty. And I will encourage the children to move back home if they are not married after college, so it is very possible that I’ll have my children back at home again one day.

Still, June 2, 2012 marks the end of my oldest’s childhood. With his siblings right on his heels, my son will blast-off into adulthood leaving me behind to contemplate the years we’ve had together. Was I a good enough father? Did I nurture him into a strong enough man? Have I been faithful to God’s call on me as a parent? I suppose time will be my best indicator, for in these matters it is not the blast-off that is the true test of construction, but the journey itself that tries the metal of a man.

I am confident for him, but only because I trust a really big God who is faithful. Yes, even while I rejoice for him I will mourn the loss of my son. I don’t suppose it will be too terribly long before his children come and I will see exactly how well I’ve done. God help us all.