If you love me—I don’t have to love him. This is my choice. I’m not forced to love. I’m not coerced to love. Jesus gives me the option to love him or not. He’s not looking for compelled lovers, but free lovers, open lovers, abandoned lovers.

You will obey what I command—Love results in obedience. True love seeks to please. True love seeks to follow. True love seeks to honor. I can’t love Jesus and live in disobedience. I can’t love him and not follow him. There is no such thing as a loving and disobedient follower of Jesus. To love him is to obey him. My act of disobedience is a cessation of my love.

And I will ask the Father—Jesus goes to the Father for everything. He does nothing on his own. He seeks the Father for every move. He doesn’t ask the Father to bless what he has decided to do. He asks the Father what the Father is doing, then he jumps on board. Before he decides, he asks the Father. It is the Father with the power. It is the Father with the agenda. It is the Father with knowledge. This is the Father’s kingdom and everything must come from him.

And he will give you another Counselor—That word is “Paraclatos” in Greek and refers to one who is called to help, one who gives assistance, an advocate with a particularly legal connotation. How am I supposed to function in this disobedient world if I’m called to love obediently? With the help of the Counselor. He will guide me. He will help me. He will advocate the Father’s position to me. I am not on my own. I am not left to my own devices. Jesus has not left me to find my own way. The Counselor assists me in obediently loving Jesus.

To be with you forever—Not for a period of time. Not for a season. The Hagion Pneuma will be in this world forever. The Hagion Pneuma will be with the church forever. The Hagion Pneuma will be with me forever. When I don’t feel him, he is there. When I don’t hear him, he is there. When I’m not paying attention, he is there. When I’m disobedient, he is there. When I’m living by my own power, he is there. I do not need to worry about being alone because the Counselor is guiding me. Jesus, through the Holy Spirit is with me!

The Spirit of truth—He is called the Spirit of Truth. He speaks the truth of the Father to me. He guides my paths in the truth of the Father. He opens my heart to the truth of the Father. If I will listen to him, I will find truth. If I will still my spirit, I will find truth. It is not far from me. Truth (which is reality) is mine for the taking.