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Scientific naturalism is a worldview that relies upon experience, reason, and science to develop its understanding of reality. The primary flaw I see in this philosophy is that it cannot define cause. It can only explain what exists but fails to properly address the more fundamental questions such as: Why do we exist? How did matter come into being? Scientific naturalism can only observe what already is, but it cannot explain why things are.

Another failing of Naturalism is that it fails to recognize anything nonempirical. The view values only statements which are objective, but much of reality cannot be explained objectively. Much of the human experience is subjective yet real, such as love, knowledge, and time. These are real forces that influence the human existence in a very real way yet appear to resist scientific measurement.

In addition, Naturalism places a great deal of faith in human ability. It assumes that all of reality can be observed by humans and that only what humans can observe is real. It places humans as the definers of reality. That is, any reality that exists outside of human experience, reason, and science is not able to be defined as reality. But every advancement in science observes a new reality that has been true all along but had not yet been observed. As a result, Scientific Naturalism only acknowledges as true that which it is capable of acknowledging and rejects as real those things which it cannot yet measure.

Theism, while not able to answer all questions about reality, certainly answers the more fundamental questions of reality. Theism offers an explanation of original cause. Theism offers an explanation for order within reality. Theism offers metanarrative in which reality finds its telos. Theism offers a standard for ethics and morality. Theism offers an explanation of reality which supersedes humanity thereby rendering humans as merely observers of reality rather than definers of reality.

The Theistic worldview may not answer all of life’s questions, but it appears to resolve the more fundamental questions of reality which plague human existence.