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The Counselor—the paraclatos. He’s the one who comes along side me. He’s the one who guide me. He’s the one who helps me. He’s the one who corrects me. He’s the one who advises me. He’s the one who provides insight. He’s the one who I talk to. He’s the one I bounce ideas off. He’s the one who listens to me. He’s the one who can see farther down road. He can see the big picture. He can see the results of my actions. He has experience. He has wisdom. He has the right answers. He is the only one I need in my corner.

The Holy Spirit—the Hagion Pneuma. Spirit isn’t like me. I have a Spirit but I’m not spirit. Holy isn’t like me. I’ve been declared holy, but I’m not yet completely holy. The Holy Spirit isn’t like me. He loves me, but he’s not like me. He doesn’t have my limitations. He doesn’t have my perspective. He doesn’t have my problems. He is completely other. And he’s living in me!!

Whom the Father will send in my name—Hagion Pneuma is sent by the Father in behalf of Jesus. He is doing the Father’s business in my life. He is here to ensure that I am about the Father’s business. He comes with the power of the Father with the words of the Father and the desires of the Father. Everything from the Spirit is consistent with the Father and Jesus. To come in someone’s name is to come with their authority and intention. The Spirit comes to continue the work of Jesus in my life. Jesus’ time on earth ended but the Spirit continues his work.

Will teach all things—Everything I need to know about life comes from the Spirit. He is counseling me and teaching me what I need to know. If I pay attention to him there is nothing I will lack for this life. My success as a man of God is completely dependent upon the Spirit teaching me. I think this is in conjunction with the next clause.

And remind you of everything I have said to you—It is through the words of Jesus that the Spirit teaches me. It is through the scripture that the Spirit works in me. I know the Spirit is teaching me when the teaching conforms to scripture, to Jesus, and to the will of the Father. He is not teaching anything contrary to Scripture because it is through the Scripture that he reminds me of Jesus’ words and teaches me. A primary role of the Holy Spirit in my life is to bring to my mind the Scripture I already know so that it can do its work in me. It is vital that I know scripture so that the Holy Spirit has something to work with as he guides me.