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I tell you the truth—Jesus always speaks truth. I don’t always want to hear truth. Truth is all God knows. There is only one truth in God. Jesus only speaks truth. Everything that contradicts Jesus is not truth.

No one can enter the kingdom of God—It is exclusive. Everyone isn’t God’s. There are conditions to entrance. I am excluded in my natural state. The kingdom is where I desperately want to be, yet the kingdom is locked away from me outside of God’s help.

Unless he is born—Unless I come to existence. Unless I become alive. Unless I am created. Unless I am a new creation. Something new. Something pure. Something helpless. Something perfect.

Born of water—My natural birth. I am born of water when I am born physically.

And the Spirit—My spiritual birth when I become a person of God’s spirit. When the Holy Spirit comes to dwell in me I am fundamentally a new person. I cannot be the same when the Holy Spirit comes to me. I cannot be unchanged. Just as a fetus is fundamentally changed after birth, so am I fundamentally changed after the Holy Spirit comes to dwell in me. I am a new person in the Spirit of God. I am not just me. I am not just human. Before I had a spirit, but now I have The Spirit.

Flesh gives birth to flesh—Humans create humans. I expect this. This is not news. I am only capable of replicating my fundamental core. What I am is what I produce.

But spirit gives birth to spirit—So God produces someone spiritual. God produces himself. His Spirit creates himself in me. God propagates himself. He is Spirit and he makes me into Spirit. I am born as a Spirit of God when he indwells me as I put him on in faith and baptism. I can’t stop being human, nor can I stop being Spirit. If God has made me so then this is what I am. He has birthed himself in me. I am Spirit. I will live as Spirit. To live any other way is to deny who I am. The world may not know me, but they aren’t Spirit so I can foreign to them. I can’t care about that. I must be true to my birthing. I am born of water and Spirit.