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Jesus, full of the Holy Spirit—I don’t often think that Jesus could be full of the Holy Spirit. It seems to me that though Jesus had a divine nature, he also had a fleshly nature. His flesh gave him the same limitation it gives me. As such, Jesus could be indwelt by the Holy Spirit for the same purpose he indwells me: to lead me to be about the work of the Lord. Holy Spirit came into Jesus at his baptism and stayed upon him. If Jesus needed the Holy Spirit to accomplish his life’s work, how could I imagine living my life without him? It doesn’t matter what I do for a living, to be the man God has called me to be I must be indwelt and led by Hagion Pneuma.

Returned from the Jordon and was led by the Spirit into the desert—Wait a minute, that’s not part of the deal: Holy Spirit is supposed to lead me to the oasis, not the desert. As it turns out, sometimes the most spiritually exciting moments in life are followed by spiritual wastelands. Holy Spirit led Jesus to the desert because that is what Jesus needed. The spiritual high in the Jordon was for the very purpose of thriving during the spiritual low in the desert. I cannot suppose that the highs are for my enjoyment. Rather, they are for my strengthening so that I can remain faithful during the difficult times. Holy Spirit is concerned that I remain faithful, not that I experience a spiritual high.

Where for forty days he was tempted by the devil—The Holy Spirit led Jesus to the devil. He intentionally took Jesus to a showdown with the devil. He thoughtfully, purposefully, led Jesus directly into harm’s way. This was the will of the Father—and I hate it. Holy Spirit doesn’t just lead me into the desert, he leads me to a desert where the devil is waiting. The reality is that in this life I must deal with the devil. Holy Spirit doesn’t take that away. In fact, the stronger I am in the Spirit, the more treacherous my involvement with the devil may become. Holy Spirit takes me to the very places I am attempting to avoid, for it is through these passages, with his help, I am made stronger. If I trust Holy Spirit, then I will go with him even when it is painful and dangerous.

He ate nothing during those days, and at the end of them he was hungry—Jesus is in a weakened state when the devil first approaches him. The devil is always looking to attack me when I am weak. It is in these times when I must rely upon Holy Spirit all the more. What good is the indwelling of the power of God if not for these very times? When I am weak the devil will come and I must rely upon Holy Spirit completely.