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Blessed are those who grasp their bankruptcy before God, for they shall become fabulously wealthy. (see Matthew 5:3)

After all, what does it mean to be poor in spirit but to be bankrupt before God? When I stand before God I bring nothing to the table. I have no accomplishment to dazzle. I have no quality to impress. I have no purse to bribe. Standing before God, all is vanity. The only sound worth making is the cry for mercy. The only thought worth articulating is the utter contempt for all things not God.

That’s why I don’t go before God more often. That’s why I avoid him. That’s why I keep him at a distance. Let’s be in the vicinity of God, but let’s stay as far away from him as possible. For he forces me to deal with reality. He sees through my artificial life. He reveals my fraud, my self-importance, my arrogance, my affection for the sound of my own voice. I spend my days, nay my years, impressing upon myself my own value; constructing my Babel as a testimony to my own worth.

We all do. We live in the world of the bumptious reveling in the manufacture of celebrity. Look at me! Look at my film! Look at my touchdown! Look at my business! Look at my body! Look at my reality show! An incessant ticker tape insisting to every ear that we matter; that we will not be overlooked; that we are important in this world. But God is not fooled. And in those rare moments when I’m honest with myself, neither am I.

For God is God, and I am not.

He rathers that I grasp what I truly am: bankrupt in myself. Nothing without the Almighty. He as my only boast. He as my only prize. He as my only treasure. With empty pockets, and empty hands, and empty heart seeking a filling only from him. Silently standing before him with my unclean lips closed fully aware that I am nothing without him. I have no worth without him. I have no value without him. I can accomplish no task without him. That ALL of me is wrapped up completely in him. Bankrupt before God. Poor in my spirit.

These are who comprise the Kingdom of Heaven. These are who God bestows with value, with importance, with honor. These are who God makes fabulously wealthy in their inmost places. Not because I have declared my wealth, but because God has declared it and what he declares is real indeed. God transforms the bankrupt into the wealthy, but those who come to him wealthy leave bankrupt. Come with nothing; leave with everything.

Blessed are those who grasp their bankruptcy before God, for they shall become fabulously wealthy.