It seems to me that much of my journey with God is like a dance. In fact, I think that God intended life to resemble one long magnificent dance with him. A dance that is beautiful and intimate and unique. A dance in which my heart races with excitement while I simultaneously feel comfortable and at ease. A dance that is both elegant and clumsy, both private and public, both painful and exhilarating.

You see, everything in my life is designed to be a cooperation between me and God. It’s not that God needs me, only that he desires to work with me and through me. For example, God doesn’t need me to create life, he can do that perfectly fine on his own, yet God chose to cooperate with me to bring forth four wonderful lives so that I may participate with him in the act of creation. This is the mystery of the spiritual life: out of his great love for us God has elected to cooperate with humankind, to accomplish his redemptive work for humankind, so that his glory may be revealed in humankind. I live my life dancing with God, cooperating with God, participating with God not only in the work he is doing in me but also in the work he is doing throughout creation. It is through that cooperation that all see not how great a dancer I am, but how great a dancer God is.

My primary role in this dance is to allow God to lead. Every duo fails when both partners try to lead. In the dance of my life it is my role to allow God to lead so that our dance may be the most beautiful possible. I go at his pace. I follow his promptings. I dance the dance he decides upon. He is not cooperating in my dance, I am cooperating in his. My life, then, is a reflection of his leadership. Beauty ensues only when we cooperate in complete synchronicity: two moving together as one.

God does not desire to live my life for me, he desires to live my life with me. The purpose of my existence is that I may learn to cooperate with God so closely that all who see us may exclaim, “That God really can dance!” Perhaps then others may be inspired to dance with him as well.