Lies are the only tool our enemy has. That’s it. He perverts truth to seek power. Only one weapon. Only one strategy. Only one approach. He is The Liar.

The Liar has no actual power. Everything he does is by permission from God. He is completely limited by God!
·Job 1:11—he must get permission from God to bring calamity upon Job.
·Job 2:6—he must get more permission to bring pain to Job.
·Luke 22:31—he asked for permission to attack Peter.
·Mark 5:6-8—evil spirits beg Jesus not to torture them.

He makes himself seem like The Great and Powerful Oz, but it’s a smokescreen. Pull back the curtain and you will see how defeated and controlled he really is. He lies to make himself seem big, but in reality he is nothing. He is inconsequential. He is only a nuisance.

The only power The Liar has is the power we give him in our lives. When we believe his lies he has power to work, to manipulate, to control. He operates in our lives out of the lies we have believed. This is his only power. This is his only option. Without this he is absolutely under control. Every temptation is a lie. Every heartache is a lie. He uses lies and deception to gain a foothold in our hearts and from this he wreaks havoc in our lives.

NEVER be afraid of The Liar. He makes himself seem bigger than he really is so that we will fear him. That fear enables him to manipulate us. There is nothing to fear in him. He is 100% contained by the truth. He is chained and shackled by the truth. He is impotent in the presence of truth. He tried to lie to Jesus (Matthew 4:1-11) but each time Jesus thwarted him with truth. Truth is his Kryptonite. So we respond to him with truth instead of fear for this is how he is defeated.

The Liar is lying to us every day. He lies to us out of our childhood. He lies to us out of our insecurities. He lies to us out of our fears. He lies to us out of our mistakes. He lies to us out of our successes. He lies to us out of our past. He lies to us out of our future. All in an attempt to lead us away from truth, to cause us pain, and to seek our destruction.

But we are followers of Jesus. We are lovers of truth. We are filled with Holy Spirit. And he has no power over us!

“If you hold to my teaching, you are really my disciples. Then you will know the truth, and the truth will set you free.” –Jesus