I have a dream: a dream for my future; a dream for my family; a dream for my life. My dream casts vision for me. My dream directs my thoughts and my actions. My dream even defines me. I know who I want to me and I know what I want to accomplish. I have a dream for myself that drives nearly everything I do. My dream is very close to my identity.

I had a dream for what kind of father I wanted to me. I dreamt about my relationship with my children. I dreamt about how I would handle certain situations. I dreamt about the qualities I would display for my children. I dreamt about the kind of dad I would become and that is what I became.

I had a dream for my career. I dreamt about how I would help people through life’s circumstances. I dreamt about how to work with my elders. I dreamt about how to preach. I dreamt about the kind of pastor I would become and that is what I became.

We all have dreams. We all have a vision for ourselves that defines us. We have a way we view ourselves and our future that is woven into the fabric of our identity. But what happens when these dreams are stolen from us? What happens when something prevents us from living out our dreams? What happens when the thing for which I have always striven is no longer possible? Sometimes life throws a curveball. Sometime life robs us. Sometimes, despite our best efforts, what we have always dreamed is dashed upon the rocks of life’s shore. What will become of us when our dreams are shattered and we no longer know who we are becoming?

This is why it is so important that our dreams come from God. Like any good father, God dreams for us too. God’s dreams are always good and right and perfect for us. God gives us imagination and wants us use it to dream with him. Dreams without God tend to be selfish and temporary and ordinary and small. But dreams with God tend to be so much more. Dreams with God take on gigantic proportions. Dreams with God take on eternal significance. And most importantly, when I dream with God there is always significance far beyond myself. So when my dreams are shattered, I’m not shattered along with them.

The truth is that life doesn’t always go according to my dreams. I’m not even sure life always goes according to God’s dreams. Sin is pervasive and messes up a lot of things. But I know this: when I’m dreaming with God there is always another dream; there is always another vision; there is always another possibility. While I may mourn the loss of my dream I am never crushed, because I dream with the One whose dreams are immeasurably more than my losses.