thinking-statue-philosophyLife has many important decisions. Decisions that alter our entire future. Decisions that can change our lives permanently. It would be foolish to make these decisions without significant thought, prayer, meditation, and input from the saints. However, not every life-changing decision must come at an agonizingly slow pace. Sometimes God has been preparing us for these decisions for a long time and when the time comes the choice can be made quite quickly.

In John 1:33-42 we find the calling of the first disciples: Andrew and John himself (probably). It appears that Jesus walks by, John the Baptist makes a comment about him, and the two simply leave John the Baptist and start following Jesus immediately. There isn’t much discussion or prayer or even as much as a “goodbye” to their former teacher. They appear to see Jesus walking by, chase him down, and start following him!

But in reality God had been preparing these men to follow Jesus for years. They had heard John the Baptist teach about the coming Messiah. They had heard John’s testimony about Holy Spirit coming down upon Jesus. John the Baptist referred to Jesus as “The Lamb of God.” These men had been searching for God’s movement for a long time and when it became evident that Jesus was the man, they quickly got behind him and gave him their lives. What appears to be a quick decision had in actuality been years in the making.

Sometimes God has been preparing us to make a decision for a long time. Slowly, subtly, steadily changing our hearts and minds so that when the time is right we are prepared to seize the opportunity. When these moments come we simply know that we know that we know what the correct decision is. Oftentimes Holy Spirit whispers in our hearts “This is it! This is what I’ve been telling you! You know what to do now. Don’t hesitate!!” And while those who have not been on our journey scoff at the speed of our choices, the reality is that we are being obedient to the calling of Father just as Andrew and John were when they decided to follow Jesus.

So don’t get bogged down on the pace of your important decisions. Some decisions catch us off guard and we must be deliberate and slow. Others we have been working toward for many moons and when the time comes we are capable of striking quickly knowing that we are within God’s will entirely. And when others criticize you for moving too quickly on such a large decision, just nod your head and smile because you know that the journey has been long and arduous and guided by Father the whole time.

Because, my friends, when we see Holy Spirit moving in our lives we join him without hesitation, despite the fact that others mistake our obedience for impetuousness.