My love has started blogging! If you like my blog you’ll LOVE hers; she’s way smarter than me!!!


I got the idea to start this blog several months ago.  I wanted a place to write about the struggles of being a single divorced mom.  I wanted to give hope to single moms out there.  I wanted to be the voice of “you CAN do this!” for single moms who were frustrated with the daily struggles of life, frustrated with the judgement from others about divorce, frustrated with ex-spouses, frustrated with children who didn’t show them respect because there was no father figure to tell them to listen to their mother,  just frustrated with life. I wanted to give them hope.  I wanted to give them encouragement.  I wanted to give them advice.  I wanted to be their cheerleader.  I wanted to be their mentor.  I wanted to give them a place to find support.  When I got my divorce, my mom told me “people bring casseroles to funerals…

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