(This is half of a two-part blog entitled “He Said, She Said” co-written by myself and my love describing the journey to our wedding. You can read the other half by clicking https://nextchapterinlife.wordpress.com/2015/07/06/she-said/.)

11709240_10206695368921074_1277608813118340476_nIt was March 15, 2015; another boring Sunday night at home. I was alone watching TV when I got this crazy idea, “I should check out eHarmony!” A good friend of mine found his wife on eH but I had never seriously considered online dating. Before I knew it I had created a profile and given them my credit card number. The next morning I was matched with all kinds of people. It was a bit overwhelming, actually. So I spent the next few days reading through profiles and feeling quite unprepared.

A week later I received an invitation from Cara. I was matched with her so she initiated contact. As I looked through her profile the strangest thing happened to me; deep in my spirit I heard a voice whisper, “She’s the one!” Of course, I thought it was crazy! I had only been on eH for a few days, how could I possibly have already found “the one”? But I had looked through dozens of profiles and Cara’s jumped out at me in a way that none other had. In my heart I knew before I ever spoke to her, she was the one for me!

It’s a bit unfair to Cara, I admit, but I entered into this relationship believing she is the one I would spend the rest of my life with. We spent about a week texting each other and talking on the phone and it was uncanny how much we had in common. Every step we took seemed to confirm what I felt the first time I read her profile. We finally met face to face on Thursday, April 2 and it felt like I was having a conversation with an old friend. We talked until they kicked us out of Starbucks, then we went over to P.F. Chang’s and talked until they kicked us out there too, so we went to the parking lot and talked until my daughters called wondering where I was! The truth is, every time I’ve been with Cara time has flown by like that. I’ve had more than one stern talking to from my children about getting home too late!

Then one evening a couple weekends later something important happened: Cara’s heart turned toward me. It is difficult to describe, but I saw Cara’s heart open to me in a way it hadn’t seen before. It was like she was considering the possibility that I might be the one for her too. I knew exactly when it happened; I remember the look in her eyes and the smile on her face. And I said something to her that I believed to be absolutely true, but I couldn’t believe I was actually saying; “You’re going to fall in love with me.” I knew at that moment, Sunday, April 19th, that Cara was going to be my wife. I know it is crazy. I know that I had only known her for a few short weeks. I know that it goes against all logic and sound advice. All my friends told me to take it slow and I really wanted to, but I they didn’t know what I knew. This train was picking up speed and slowing it down was going to be nearly impossible.

If you know me at all you won’t be surprised that I professed my love for Cara soon after that. I was so confident that God was doing something special with us that I never felt the need to guard my heart or hold anything back. I allowed myself to love her without boundaries and I was amazed at how freely my love flowed. I began feeling things I had never felt before. There were times when I was so overwhelmed with emotions that I was brought to tears. So I asked her if she would let me be me without feeling like she had to be anything except herself. She agreed, so I told her how much I loved her. I’ve told her every day since then. I’m planning on telling her every day for the rest of her life!

The next significant milestone in our relationship came the day I was formally introduced to her children. She has a son and three daughters just like me. I was a bit nervous about meeting them but I knew they wanted their mother to be happy and were looking forward to her finding a man who would love her. Again, this was another situation in which I felt that it was really unfair to Cara; since I have three daughters myself I really know how to interact with little girls. By the end of the day we were all great friends and poor Cara didn’t stand a chance of resisting me. The quickest way to a mother’s heart, after all, is through her children! It didn’t hurt that I genuinely liked the children and felt honored to be introduced into their lives. Cara really opened up to me after this and it felt like she was finally allowing herself to receive my love without reservation.

Our conversations included talk of marriage early in the relationship. Both of us were looking for a spouse so we constantly talked about our relationship in terms of marriage. After it became clear that our hearts were moving toward each other in a very special way, it wasn’t difficult to transition into specifics about getting married. I have to admit that Cara surprised me one day in May by suggesting a date in June! We looked over our calendars and found a date that would work for both families: July 7, 2015. So I secured her children’s permission, found a ring, took her for a walk on the beach, wrote her a letter (book?) professing my love, and on June 5 I asked her to be my wife. It was the most glorious date I have ever experienced!

Cara’s love has completely changed my life. I never thought I could find someone to love like this. She is perfect for me in every way. It seems that every day we find more that we have in common. In her I find nothing unacceptable or displeasing. I know she isn’t perfect, but she is perfect for me! I believe God has put us together in a powerful way and he will use us to serve his kingdom in ways I can’t even imagine. Cara is a gift from God and I’m thrilled he has put us together!